More than Just Savings: Three Keys to Your Best Retirement Event©

Brookview Golden Valley

Most people look forward to retirement as the time in our lives when we will be free from work, deadlines, stress, and obligations. We often imagine our retirement will be about travel, relaxation, hobbies, and more time with our families and friends.

But quite often, the realities as we adjust to retirement don’t quite match our expectations. Sometimes when we get freed from work and stress, we also have a greater sense of isolation. Fewer deadlines and obligations can also create a sense of loss of purpose or at times a sense of emptiness.

Join us as Ruth Tongen takes us through:

• What we are learning about the best predictors of health and satisfaction in retirement.

• Three key tools to include in your planning and approach that will create a healthier and more meaningful retirement.

• Specific ideas that will help you more smoothly transition into and live a retirement that fits for you. 

You will leave with some new ideas to ponder as you plan and live your retirement.

Event Details

Wednesday, October 30
6 — 8 p.m.
6 p.m. Dinner



Brookview Golden Valley
Bassett Creek South Room
316 Brookview Parkway S.
Golden Valley, MN 55426




Meet the Presenter

Ruth Tongen of think2perform — 

With over 20 years of experience working with people moving through transition, Ruth Tongen has developed a special focus on the transition toward and through retirement. Ruth works with clients from all over the country to help them focus on shaping their career exit and utilizing the best means for building a healthy, meaningful life in all the stages of retirement. While accumulating financial means is where many of us focus, building a life that matters is at least as big a factor in retirement well-being, and often not planned with enough intention.

Ruth is a registered nurse, board-certified retirement coach and is credentialed as a senior executive in human resources. Ruth has a master’s degree in Eastern medicine and also operates a health care practice in Edina, MN.  It is the pursuit of lifelong health that fuels her passion for helping people build a great retirement chapter.


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This seminar is designed to provide information on retirement. It is not, however, designed to be a substitute for personalized advice from Affiance Financial, or from any other professional. For specific assistance, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought. The views and opinions expressed in this seminar are those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the position of Affiance Financial.