Our Favorite Winter Activities

Steve Lear |



Dan Lear:

I enjoy trying to get to Colorado once a winter to do some skiing with my mother and sisters! Steamboat and Beaver Creek are my favorite mountains to go to. I also very much look forward to my yearly trip to Palm Springs with my fiancée’s family. We love escaping the cold, golfing, hiking, and laying by the pool.


Brendan Halleron:

Every year I try and take a trip skiing with friends, and most recently we have been going to Park City, Utah. I also like staying active (when the gyms are open) by playing basketball multiple times per week.



Steve Lear:

Typically I like traveling to warmer areas over the winter, especially Israel. I like meeting new people, going to conferences, and other educational opportunities. If I’m not traveling, I like sitting around with family and eating :)


Eric Unger:

I enjoy staying active and getting outside in the winter, including snowshoeing, which is a fun activity to get my whole family moving. Some of our favorite summer hikes have turned into our favorite winter snowshoe hikes. My seven-year-old daughter Evelyn also enjoys floating across the fresh-fallen powder.



Tanner Steele:

My favorite winter activities include snowboarding and playing/watching hockey. I played hockey growing up, essentially my entire childhood, and I am still passionate about the sport.  I would love the opportunity to coach a youth hockey team in the Twin Cities area to stay involved in the game.  As for snowboarding, I picked up snowboarding in college and continue to go each winter.  I would LOVE to go on a trip to Colorado or Montana. Recommendations are welcome :)


Mike Bayliss:

I love being outside in the winter – camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or taking the snowmobiles out with my friends and family. Being out in the snow is like being transported to another world.




Kyle Berg:

Like most people, we like to drive around and look at Christmas lights, but since I have children that are young we also do the elf on a shelf. Every day my wife and I move them around to do different things around the house, both naughty and nice.


Marcia Zappa:

My daughter (4) loves sledding! We have a little hill in our neighborhood that we can pull the kids to in our wagon. My son (1 ½) isn’t so sure, but we’re hoping he’ll come around.



Andy Fishman:

Believe it or not….my favorite winter activity is playing tennis and watching Gopher and Timberwolves basketball!


Marc Usem:

Playing hockey with the kids at the local rink is one of the best wintertime activities ever!



Logan Selvig:

My favorite things to do in the winter include: snowboarding, visiting my brother out West (he used to live in Vail, Colorado, and now lives in Laramie, Wyoming), ice fishing, watching Home Alone, reading by the Christmas tree, and watching the NFL playoffs.


Steven Schoenberger:

Every year, my family likes to get out of town in the winter to enjoy some new scenery. We didn’t think we were going to be able to do it this year, but ended up deciding to drive down to Florida to spend some time at a relative’s home. We are thankful to be able to still get away in a safe way!



Keely Matis:

Most years I try to make it out to Florida for a week to enjoy the warmer weather. I also enjoy snow tubing and seeing all the lights on houses!