Our Team's Favorite Core Values

Steve Lear |

Over the past year, we asked our team for their favorite Affiance Financial Core Values as part of their work anniversary social media posts on our Facebook and LinkedIn. In case you missed those posts, here are all of our answers!

Andy Fishman: Act as a Fiduciary

I believe that by putting the clients' best interests first, and making sure I always leave something on the table, everything else will fall into place. 

Bre Lewis: Support

I enjoy being able to support our clients through all seasons of life and working for a firm that prioritizes supporting its team!

Brendan Halleron: Act as a Fiduciary

Act as a Fiduciary resonates with me the most because it is the most simple: do what’s best for others. The way I think about it: is this the best/same decision I would recommend for my own grandmother?

Brittney Hoese: Care

Whether it’s for the community, our clients, or the staff - I love that our team at Affiance truly cares! It’s important to me to use this core value in my everyday work so that our clients always feel supported and taken care of.

Chris Johnson: Act as a Fiduciary

I’m proud to work for a firm that values integrity, trust, and a commitment to providing services that prioritize the best interests of our clients.

Dan Lear: Care

I make it a point of emphasis to get as involved in my client's life as possible. I want to know about your family, your interests, your hobbies, and what is most important to you. When I lead with care, the financial planning becomes more specific to each unique client and enables me to do the best job possible for each person.

Eric Unger: Act as a Fiduciary

I believe everyone deserves to work with a financial planning firm that puts their interests first.

Julia Parr: Act as a Fiduciary

I love working for a company that puts their clients first!

Keely Matis: Remain Curious

As part of the marketing team, being able to let my creativity shine by remaining curious, learning, and trying new things brings me tons of energy.

Kyle Berg: Remain Curious

I enjoy finding new and innovative ways to overcome challenges in order to unlock new opportunities for my clients and my coworkers. 

Lucas Warner: Support

Achieving goals, pursuing passions, and working towards financial success comes with having an excellent support system. For our clients and within the Affiance team, supporting others is where I find purpose and meaning. 

Marc Usem: Care

Caring is a core value that can’t be taught or managed, it’s an innate part of those that serve our clients at Affiance. Care brings the other core values into perspective because if we care, the others are likely desired outcomes of caring. We can get better at the other core values, but caring is the key.

Marcia Zappa: Remain Curious

“Remain Curious” is the core value that stands out to me. I appreciate that the Affiance Team is always striving to improve, so that we can do more for our clients. And, the challenge of constant advancement is what has kept me engaged here for 8 years.

Megan Pace: Care

I appreciate the value of “Care” because it is part of the equation for daily success for me. The opportunity to show people in my life that I care - whether that’s for a client, a colleague, my family or friends, or myself, means that I make an effort to do my best every day.

Michael Fishman: Care

I strive to apply this core value every day at Affiance. I approach each client relationship with care, executing their financial plan to help them work towards meeting their goals so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Mitch Bernier: Remain Curious

I love that our team embraces remaining curious so that we can continually discover new and enhanced approaches for supporting our clients.

Nichole Tessier: Care

Caring creates a sense of compassion, understanding, and loyalty. I want my coworkers and our clients to always feel supported.

Ryan Smith: Act as a Fiduciary

This core value is something I think about and use on a daily basis, whether it be executing client trades or working on investment analysis.

Steve Lear: Remain Curious

The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. I pride myself on staying curious and asking questions to become smarter tomorrow. 

Susan Jensen: Remain Curious

I love working in an organization that honors the ever-changing business environment by embracing continuous learning and innovation.

Tammy Gallagher: Value Reputation

I appreciate being able to work for a company that I can confidently refer my friends and family to because of the customer service our team provides. I am proud to be a part of that. 

Tanner Steele: Act as a Fiduciary

Prioritizing each client's best interests while considering their unique investment goals and preferences is at our core, and is something I am proud to be a part of.