Financial Planning

At Affiance Financial, we take a broad approach to financial planning. We help identify your priorities and define your goals. From retirement and healthcare to education, housing, and even your career — your financial decisions can significantly impact your quality of life. We'll help you think through these decisions and present unexpected options that you may have otherwise missed on your own. Affiance can help make the tough financial choices that are right for you.

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Our Financial Planning Services

We offer a wide range of financial planning services that provide a roadmap for your future. Our goal-oriented planning is robust, allowing you to make meaningful financial decisions that help you work toward your life goals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our financial planners offer comprehensive financial planning services to help manage the entirety of your financial life. From your taxes and retirement to your business and charitable proceeds, we can help guide your decisions to help you make the most of your money. We put our clients first and create trusting relationships that last. Affiance will help you figure out your goals and create actionable plans to achieve them.

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Tax Planning

We take a deep dive through your portfolio to help ensure that your financial goals aren’t interrupted by taxes. With proper planning, you can minimize taxes, which will allow you to maximize profits. Our financial planning professionals can help structure your financial situation in a way that maximizes your profits while also taking steps to help protect you or your estate from tax liability. 

Retirement Planning

Affiance can provide guidance for those navigating the complicated world of social security, medicare, pensions, IRAs, and 401(k)s. Saving money for retirement is universal, but our financial professionals will help craft specific strategies that align your efforts with your personal objectives. We'll help you navigate possible risks such as health care costs, taxes, long-term care, and even inflation. 

College Planning

We'll be by your side to help prepare for the ever-growing expense of secondary education. Our financial planning professionals can help you navigate 529 plans and other options for college savings.  Whatever your education goals include, we’ll help you set up a savings plan that provides flexibility and tax incentives that suit your needs. From birth to acceptance and anywhere in between, we’ll look out for your student and finances.

Business Planning

Affiance can help coordinate your business decisions with your personal finance decisions, helping you choose the right path to achieve your goals. Our financial planning team can help you choose the right employee benefits, address your insurance concerns, navigate taxes, and even set up retirement plans. Your business is your livelihood — and we're here to talk through your financial goals and uncover options that help you realize its true potential.

Charitable Giving

We can help you concentrate your charitable activities, and select the best forms of contribution to maximize the impact and tax benefits. There are plenty of nuances that exist in the world of charitable giving, and our financial planners can help ensure that your contributions are benefiting your future along with those you're helping. Whether it's making a Qualified Charitable Distribution or opening a Donor Advised Fund, we can help ensure that your efforts are making a difference. 


Take Control of Your Financial Future

Our experienced financial planners assist a wide range of clients with varying portfolios, financial situations, and levels of wealth. We advocate for your future by helping you identify attainable goals and craft actionable roadmaps to help you reach your objectives. Here at Affiance, we stay true to our core values: we care, we deliver, we stay curious, we support, we act as fiduciaries, and we value our reputation. 

We're here to help! Contact us today to get started on a path to financial betterment and begin taking control of your future.


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