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Financial planning involves more than investments and retirement plans - it's also about minimizing expenses. Tax planning involves crucial financial strategies to reduce overall tax liability. Affiance Financial helps clients take a proactive approach to tax compliance, recommending tactics to maximize after-tax income through effective tax planning.  



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Why Choose Affiance Financial? 

We house a dedicated team of financial planning professionals who can help our clients tactfully navigate tax liabilities. Affiance Financial provides individualized tax planning services based on your situation, assets, and needs. Through decades of combined experience, we'll help come up with an appropriate tax planning strategy each and every year. 

We build long-standing relationships with clients by being transparent and straightforward with expectations. We make it our priority to keep up-to-date with complex tax codes, current tax laws, and emerging regulations.

Our Tax Planning Services

We offer a wide range of tax planning services, ensuring that our clients are in capable hands from day one. Here at Affiance Financial, we'll work with you to better understand your financial circumstances, needs, and objectives – all while helping you achieve your goals through educated tax planning strategies. 

Retirement Planning 
We offer a wide range of retirement plan options to help limit your tax liability and protect your hard-earned money. The tax rate when you retire is an unknown factor – which can put your financials at risk without proper tax planning. We'll walk you through our wide range of retirement planning options to help you reduce tax liability and safeguard your wealth. We offer various IRAs, including Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and SIMPLE IRA plans. 

Investment Planning 
We provide disciplined investment planning options by experienced financial planners. Regardless of your investment objectives, we'll supply you with tax-aware portfolios that meet your goals – reducing Uncle Sam's reach into your wallet. Our investment committee routinely evaluates portfolios to safeguard your wealth from market shifts and tax changes. 

Estate Planning 
Our holistic and wide-ranging estate planning services provide tax-efficient tactics to minimize the shrinkage of your estate. We empower clients to pass their wealth however they please – whether that's property and assets or life insurance and bank accounts. Throughout the planning process, we implement tax planning strategies to limit taxation while properly managing assets, life insurance policies, and more. 

Charitable Giving 
Through charitable contributions, we offer tax planning initiatives that can reduce tax liability with federal taxes, estate taxes, and capital gains taxes. Donations and charitable giving not only offer help to those in need but also limits taxation to you. Whether it's through donations to 501(c)(3) public charities, donating long-term appreciated assets, or charitable tax strategies for your estate planning – we can help minimize your tax liabilities through smart planning. 


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  • When you call Affiance Financial, a dedicated professional answers the phone. We take pride in being available to answer questions, field concerns, and build faith in our services. 
  • We believe that an individualized approach to tax planning is a necessity – which means you'll get the personal touch.


 Unmatched Communication

  • We'll work with you to meet and discuss options in whatever way is most comfortable and convenient. Your goals are our priority. 


Modern Tax Strategies

  • Our financial planning professionals stay up-to-date on the latest regulations, laws, and codes to provide you with tax planning strategies. 


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Taxes are an unavoidable part of life. While there's no getting away from the IRS and Uncle Sam – there is a way to minimize the amount you owe through strategic tax planning. You work incredibly hard for your money and assets, and we believe in helping you preserve your earnings. 

Affiance Financial offers a wide range of tax planning services you can take advantage of today. Contact us to discover how we can provide you with personalized tax strategies focused on your goals.