Corporate Retirement Plans


A high-touch, low-maintenance solution for your small business.


Services we provide include:

401(k)  • 403(b) • Cash Balance Pension Plans  • Defined Benefit Plans


• We are committed to being available to plan sponsors and participants. When you call Affiance Financial, people answer the phones, not robots.

• When you reach out to us with questions, you will get personalized answers from someone who truly understands your plan. Our goal is to build long-term relationships.



• We provide annual meetings, which include an in-depth review with the plan sponsor(s), group education for participants, and an opportunity for individual participant meetings.

• Participants will receive quarterly performance statements from the recordkeeper and have access to manage account information, investment information, and planning tools on their plan’s website or mobile app.


Cost and Tax Savings

• We’ll help you identify your goals and solutions – from record keepers to investment options – with cost in mind.

• A 401(k) or 403(b) plan can be paired with a Defined Benefit Plan (such as a Cash Balance Plan) to potentially create a substantial tax-savings opportunity for business owners.


Investment Menu

• Our goal is to design investment menus that give participants choices, allow for portfolio diversification, and positively impact participant outcomes. 

• We will perform independent research into each investment option, as well as monitor your plan’s investments quarterly to ensure that they remain in compliance with your investment policy



• We will help you identify a record keeper so there’s no need to change your current administration or payroll system.

• If you are looking to make a change to your administrative structure with your Third-Party Administrator or Directed Recordkeeper, we will work to help choose a solution that suits your tailored needs.