Our team of financial planning professionals helps students and adults navigate various options to save for college and higher education. For many, college is a necessary step to achieve career goals, financial success, and the pursuit of graduate or doctorate degrees. We help parents like you craft personalized strategies for college saving that align with your current financial situation and future objectives. 

It's never too early to save for college. Even before your child is born, college and education planning should be well underway. We help future parents and current parents with savings strategies and financial planning to empower their children's future. 

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An Individualized Approach to College Planning 

You deserve college planning services that tailor strategies to you and your children. While other college planners may utilize generic calculations and run-of-the-mill savings tactics, we deploy an individualized approach to education planning. Affiance Financial provides a personal touch combined with years of dedicated experience, innovative technologies, and continued education to craft successful college planning services for our clients. 

A sound college and education planning strategy means establishing a solid financial foundation that limits expenses and overall costs. We'll coach you every step of the way to help ensure that you're prepared for college spending. 

Our College Planning Services

Financial planning for college is all about proper savings strategies. Our financial planners will walk you through all of the various ways to budget, mitigate expenses, and maximize savings. We know how expensive the college journey can be — which is why we're committed to pointing families in the right direction to make higher education dreams a reality. 

Tax Planning 

Saving for college requires in-depth tax planning. Taxes are an integral component of financial planning as a whole — but they also play a significant role in college and education planning. We'll work with you to minimize tax spending and maximize savings by creating individualized strategies that protect you and your children from tax liabilities. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

College and higher education planning is a significant investment that requires a proactive approach to saving. Our financial planners create actionable strategies that prepare you for the cost of tuition, textbooks, room and board, and so much more. We'll guide you through various tactics that allow your money to work for you. 

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Covering College Costs 

Our financial planners will coach you on all of the various costs associated with college and get you started planning early. From the moment your child is born to the day they are accepted into college, we'll help save and plan to help keep you on the right path. These expenses include:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and board
  • Textbooks and supplies 
  • Personal expenses and meal plans 
  • Transportation 
  • And more 

The Affiance Financial Difference 

A Long-Lasting Relationship

  • When you call Affiance Financial, real people answer the phones — not machines. We offer accessible services and human connections. 
  • Our personalized approach to college and education planning means individualized strategies and savings measures. We build long-term relationships for long-term success. 

Routine Communication 

  • We always keep our clients in the loop regarding their college and education planning. You'll receive transparent planning, performance statements, and saving tools. 
  • Our financial planners hear your situation loud and clear. We take your situation, goals, and challenges to heart to create a more individualized strategy just for you. 

Tax Savings 

  • Taxes play such an integral role in college and education planning. We take a proactive and strategic approach to tax planning for college.

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College and Education Planning You Can Trust 

It's never too early to start saving for college. We'll be by your side every step of the way to provide an individualized approach to college savings. Our team is composed of educated and knowledgeable financial planning professionals who have first-hand experience saving for college and higher education. Your success is our success — and we go above and beyond to help ensure that our clients are making sound financial decisions, giving parents the tools, resources, and guidance to properly save up for their children's schooling. Contact us today and discover how we can help you with your college and education planning. 

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