Why Work With a Financial Planner?

Steve Lear |

1. Planning for Every Life Stage

  • Is your career advancing at a rapid rate?
  • Are you planning a wedding, starting a family, or wanting to purchase a home?
  • Are you getting ready to retire?
  • Are you newly retired?

A financial planner offers a third-party viewpoint to help with every life stage, from building a career through retirement and beyond. They can act as a liaison even during emotional and confusing times, helping make any difficult decision a little easier. As you age, a financial planner can help you estimate costs and reorganize your cash flow to work towards your next goal.

2. Making Your Money Work for You

  • Do you have a large amount of cash in the bank earning no or minimal interest?
  • Do you have a variety of 401(k)s from past jobs?
  • Are you uncertain if your 401(k) investments are positioned for success?
  • Did you receive an inheritance that you aren’t sure what to do with?

You work hard for your money. A financial planner can help make sure your money is working for you. From evaluating your employee benefit options to advising how to better your tax situation, a financial professional can identify opportunities you may be missing on your own.
A financial planner will help solidify your life goals to work toward ensuring your savings and investments are in alignment. And, working with a financial professional will help you avoid the whims and headlines that often derail do-it-yourselfers from reaching their goals.

3. Guiding You Through the Complex World of Financial Decisions

  • Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of investment vehicles available?
  • Do you feel intimidated by complex financial jargon?
  • Are you too busy to thoroughly research your investment options?
  • Are you self-employed, or do you run a business or have unique benefits like ESPP?

Investing your money in the stock market can be a powerful tool for building wealth. On the other hand, investing can feel intimidating, overwhelming, or downright scary.

Financial Planners provide education and coaching during volatile market environments to help take emotion out of the equation. And, a financial planning firm is equipped with technology and personnel to invest efficiently and monitor investments regularly.


The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement and the needs of the client. Affiance Financial does not serve as an attorney or accountant. Affiance Financial does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns.