Hot Topic: July is National Make a Difference for Children Month

July is National Make a Difference for Children Month—a time set aside to put extra focus on helping kids grow into healthy, productive adults. In honor of Make a Difference for Children Month, we’re highlighting four organizations with which the Affiance Financial Team is currently, or has been formerly, connected. These programs are, of course, just a few of the many non-profits around the metro that help children in a myriad of ways. Whatever your interest—sports, arts, business, academics—there are ways to get involved.

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Meet Mike Betz: Director of Client Services

Mike Betz proudly sports a trophy on his desk that reads “Duct Tape Award,” which he won at Affiance Financial’s last holiday party. On any given work day, one can find Mike fixing equipment, designing complex data reports or integrating systems. On winter weekends, he’s mushing up to ten sled dogs in sub-zero temperatures. It’s this adventurous spirit that drives his love of new challenges.

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Student Loans: The New "Bubble"?

By Matt Berhow and Deb Sugerman

The words “student loan” have become pretty much synonymous with “the student loan debt problem.” The big picture is that there’s more than $1 trillion owed in student loan debt that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Meanwhile, costs continue to rise, while the job outlook for grads remains less than stellar. In fact, some folks believe that student loan debt could lead to our next economic disaster, similar to the housing bubble.

So what are parents and their college-bound offspring to do?

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