Financial Fundamentals — Budgeting

By Kyle Berg, CFP®, BFA™

When we sit down with new clients, one of the first questions we usually ask is “Do you have a budget?” This single question can lead down many different paths to help us better understand your thought process when dealing with money. Hearing about your budget also offers a surprising amount of insight into your values, priorities, and goals.

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A New Designation for Our Advisor Team — BFA™

We often joke about “all the letters” following many of our advisors’ names. But each designation represents time and effort spent honing their craft. The latest letters you may have noticed are BFA™, representing certification in Behavioral Financial Advice.

While the BFA™ designation is fairly new, the concept is something our advisors have been practicing for many years. Both our goal-oriented financial planning and our disciplined investment strategy are direct results of Behavioral Finance concepts.

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Budgeting In the Palm of Your Hand

By Kyle Berg, CFP®

With the world of financial technology (FinTech) ever changing, the landscape for how someone keeps a budget has never been more robust. In fact, some say it can be done in the palm of your hand... While some choose to stick with the traditional, manual method of tracking income and expenses — Yes, I’m talking about you, Excel — the vast number of mobile apps available make budgeting more accessible and automated than ever.

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Spring Cleaning

by Steven Schoenberger, JD

It may not have manifested itself as we would have liked, but believe it or not, spring has been upon us since the end of March. With spring, our minds always look toward the Masters, taxes, and spring cleaning. With the first two now in the rearview mirror, we finally have a chance to concentrate on the third. Time to clean out all of those files we have been hanging on to for far too long.


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Money Transferring Apps

Sometimes getting your friends to pay you back for something you’ve already paid for in full can be complicated. It’s no one’s fault — between work, friends, and family it’s hard to keep track of every little thing. Fortunately, with the introduction of money transferring apps like Venmo and Zelle, covering the bill comes without the fear of having to chase your friends around to pay you back. You can simply open your preferred money transferring app on your smartphone, charge each of them an equal share, and voila.


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